Resolved Specific Ion Data Collections

Temperature Range
0.620 eV → 6204 eV


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  • Spontaneous Emission: Ne+5(i) → Ne+5(j) + hv
  • Electron Impact Excitation: Ne+5(i) + e → Ne+5(j) + e
2s2 2p1 2P0.5 0.0 cm-1
2s2 2p1 2P1.5 1298.4 cm-1
2s1 2p2 4P0.5 96742.7 cm-1
2s1 2p2 4P1.5 97198.2 cm-1
2s1 2p2 4P2.5 97943.8 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2D2.5 183358.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2D1.5 183376.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2S0.5 236018.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2P0.5 257501.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2P1.5 258374.0 cm-1
2p3 4S1.5 322299.0 cm-1
2p3 2D2.5 367553.0 cm-1
2p3 2D1.5 367582.0 cm-1
2p3 2P0.5 416968.0 cm-1
2p3 2P1.5 417061.0 cm-1
2s2 3s1 2S0.5 720160.0 cm-1
2s2 3p1 2P0.5 769023.0 cm-1
2s2 3p1 2P1.5 769364.0 cm-1
2s2 3d1 2D1.5 815046.0 cm-1
2s2 3d1 2D2.5 815133.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 4P0.5 832366.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 4P1.5 832818.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 4P2.5 833586.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 2P0.5 857198.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 2P1.5 858063.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2P0.5 874744.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2P1.5 875137.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4D0.5 877004.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4D1.5 877252.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4D2.5 877686.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4D3.5 878350.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4S1.5 886540.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4P0.5 892232.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4P1.5 892558.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4P2.5 893020.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2D1.5 900497.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2D2.5 901278.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2S0.5 916201.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4F1.5 918413.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4F2.5 918670.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4F3.5 919036.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4F4.5 919518.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4D0.5 928942.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4D1.5 929016.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4D2.5 929157.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4D3.5 929408.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2D1.5 931579.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2D2.5 931710.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4P2.5 933693.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4P1.5 933951.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4P0.5 934114.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 2P0.5 947061.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 2P1.5 947075.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2F2.5 952668.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2F3.5 953423.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2P1.5 958357.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2P0.5 958772.0 cm-1
2s2 4s1 2S0.5 980028.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2P0.5 995256.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2D1.5 995381.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2D2.5 995584.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2P1.5 995600.0 cm-1
2s2 4p1 2P0.5 1005070.0 cm-1
2s2 4p1 2P1.5 1005200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2S0.5 1014270.0 cm-1
2s2 4f1 2F2.5 1018710.0 cm-1
2s2 4f1 2F3.5 1018720.0 cm-1
2s2 4d1 2D1.5 1021910.0 cm-1
2s2 4d1 2D2.5 1021940.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 4P0.5 1023610.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 4P1.5 1024070.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 4P2.5 1024820.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2D1.5 1042650.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2D2.5 1042780.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2P0.5 1048450.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2F2.5 1049160.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2F3.5 1049160.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2P1.5 1049300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2P0.5 1053380.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2P1.5 1053500.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2S0.5 1055440.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4D0.5 1063950.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4D1.5 1064230.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4D2.5 1064700.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2D1.5 1064840.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2D2.5 1064870.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4D3.5 1065350.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4P0.5 1069170.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4P1.5 1069440.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4P2.5 1069900.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2D1.5 1077810.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2D2.5 1078610.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P0.5 1086810.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P1.5 1086890.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4S1.5 1094450.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4F1.5 1097690.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4F2.5 1097930.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4F3.5 1098270.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4F4.5 1098720.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 4P0.5 1101500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 4P1.5 1101910.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 4P2.5 1102630.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4D0.5 1105330.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4D1.5 1105440.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4D2.5 1105610.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4D3.5 1105820.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2F2.5 1107440.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2F3.5 1107710.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2P1.5 1108830.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2P0.5 1109450.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2F2.5 1109590.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 2P0.5 1110150.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2F3.5 1110360.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 2P1.5 1110780.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4P2.5 1117850.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4P1.5 1117880.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4P0.5 1117920.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4D0.5 1119290.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4D1.5 1119500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4D2.5 1119870.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4D3.5 1120390.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4S1.5 1120850.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2P0.5 1123180.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2P1.5 1123420.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2D1.5 1124760.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2D2.5 1125170.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2D2.5 1125540.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2D1.5 1125600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4P0.5 1126810.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4P1.5 1126920.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4P2.5 1127050.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2S0.5 1130730.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4F1.5 1132120.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4F2.5 1132360.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4F3.5 1132710.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4F4.5 1133190.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D1.5 1135710.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D2.5 1135820.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4D0.5 1136010.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4D1.5 1136040.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4D2.5 1136110.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4D3.5 1136470.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4P2.5 1137430.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4P1.5 1137730.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4P0.5 1137890.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2D1.5 1138030.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2D2.5 1138280.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2G3.5 1139340.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2G4.5 1139580.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P0.5 1139970.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P1.5 1140490.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2F2.5 1140820.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2F3.5 1140880.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2S0.5 1143770.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4G2.5 1145150.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4G3.5 1145370.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4G4.5 1145690.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2F2.5 1146170.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4G5.5 1146180.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2F3.5 1146850.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4F1.5 1147340.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4F2.5 1147420.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4F3.5 1147550.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2P1.5 1147720.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4F4.5 1147760.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2P0.5 1148150.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2G3.5 1148740.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2G4.5 1149240.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4D3.5 1150250.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4D2.5 1150530.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4D1.5 1150700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4D0.5 1150810.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D1.5 1152370.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D2.5 1152370.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2D2.5 1160910.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2D1.5 1160920.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2F3.5 1162680.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2F2.5 1162740.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2P0.5 1165020.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2P1.5 1165340.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2S0.5 1172410.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P0.5 1186270.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P1.5 1186390.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 2P0.5 1215780.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 2P1.5 1215840.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D2.5 1215980.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D1.5 1216070.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2D1.5 1231770.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2D2.5 1231830.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2P0.5 1232780.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2P1.5 1232890.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2S0.5 1237070.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2F3.5 1246280.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2F2.5 1246280.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2D1.5 1247240.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2D2.5 1247280.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2P0.5 1251190.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2P1.5 1251230.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2F2.5 1254700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2F3.5 1254720.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2G3.5 1259130.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2G4.5 1259150.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2D2.5 1266820.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2D1.5 25488200.0 cm-1

        Result of ICFT R-matrix calculation

 Calculation automated by offline ADAS code ADAS8#3

     Summary Information

 *  Ionisation energy taken from ADAS adf00 files

 *  Energy levels calculated by AUTOSTRUCTURE

 *  Radiative rates calculated by AUTOSTRUCTURE

 *  Effective collision strengths calculated by ICFT
    R-matrix calculation using target structure from

     Calculation details

 The following scaling parameters on bound orbitals were used:

         1S = 1.40173
         2S = 1.24350
         2P = 1.17260
         3S = 1.63435
         3P = 1.34871
         3D = 1.44626
         4S = 1.72622
         4P = 1.36416
         4D = 1.52383
         4F = 3.15127

 An exchange calculation was performed up to J=12
 A non-exchange calculation was then performed up to J=40
 Followed by a top-up calculation to J -> infinity.

 40 continuum basis orbitals were used, giving a smallest maximum
 basis-orbital energy of 124.0259 Rydbergs (1687.496395 eV)

 A fine energy mesh of 0.000020 Z**2 Rydbergs (0.006803 eV) was used
 between the first and last thresholds for the excitation calculation.

 A coarse energy mesh of 0.001000 Z**2 Rydbergs (0.34015 eV) was used
 from the last threshold up to 1.392885 Z**2 Rydbergs (473.79 eV) in the
 excitation calculation.

 A coarse energy mesh of 0.001000 Z**2 Rydbergs (0.34015 eV) was used
 from first threshold up to 1.392885 Z**2 Rydbergs (473.79 eV) in the
 non-exchange calculation.

 Dipole and Born limits were used from the last calculated energy points
 up to infinite energy to complete the effective collision strengths

      G Y Liang, N R Badnell and G Zhao
      A&A 547, A87 (2012)
      DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/201220277

 Produced by: Guiyun Liang
 Date:        26/03/12

 Those data points with same collision strength in OMEGAU at higher energies
 are deleted. The adf04 file is generated based upon this correction.

 Date:  Tue May 28 20:16:12 2013


  • Guiyun Liang
  • Nigel Badnell
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