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Temperature Range
11.63 eV → 1.163 x 105 eV


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  • Spontaneous Emission: Zn+25(i) → Zn+25(j) + hv
  • Electron Impact Excitation: Zn+25(i) + e → Zn+25(j) + e
2s2 2p1 2P0.5 0.0 cm-1
2s2 2p1 2P1.5 217713.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 4P0.5 504295.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 4P1.5 620280.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 4P2.5 712161.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2D1.5 961550.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2D2.5 1027890.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2P0.5 1066210.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2S0.5 1298720.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2P1.5 1315110.0 cm-1
2p3 4S1.5 1597200.0 cm-1
2p3 2D1.5 1784880.0 cm-1
2p3 2D2.5 1849960.0 cm-1
2p3 2P0.5 2013270.0 cm-1
2p3 2P1.5 2150510.0 cm-1
2s2 3s1 2S0.5 11259800.0 cm-1
2s2 3p1 2P0.5 11475200.0 cm-1
2s2 3p1 2P1.5 11535500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 4P0.5 11683800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 4P1.5 11733600.0 cm-1
2s2 3d1 2D1.5 11734000.0 cm-1
2s2 3d1 2D2.5 11753900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 2P0.5 11807000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4D0.5 11873200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 4P2.5 11892900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4D1.5 11918400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2P1.5 11971700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 2P1.5 11975200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2P0.5 11996800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4P0.5 12002900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4D2.5 12004100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2D1.5 12044100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4F1.5 12114000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4P1.5 12132100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4F2.5 12147300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4D3.5 12150100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4P2.5 12153400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4S1.5 12174700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4P2.5 12196600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4F3.5 12199800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4D1.5 12213100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4D0.5 12217800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2D2.5 12232100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 2P0.5 12232400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 2P1.5 12234900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2S0.5 12260100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2D1.5 12270700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2F2.5 12287200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4F4.5 12332700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4D3.5 12363800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4D2.5 12371000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4P1.5 12379200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4P0.5 12381400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2D2.5 12416000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2P0.5 12443300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2D1.5 12456000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2P1.5 12458500.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 4P0.5 12471300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2F3.5 12491500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2D2.5 12495900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2P0.5 12511100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2P1.5 12511400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2S0.5 12561400.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 4P1.5 12604600.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4D0.5 12642100.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2P0.5 12669600.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 4P2.5 12673300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2F2.5 12699500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2F3.5 12699600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2D1.5 12709100.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4D1.5 12725800.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2P1.5 12725900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2D2.5 12734100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2P0.5 12747700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2P1.5 12768400.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2S0.5 12770200.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4P1.5 12808100.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4D2.5 12842100.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4P2.5 12859300.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4P0.5 12865800.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4F1.5 12880400.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2D1.5 12890200.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2D2.5 12893300.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4D3.5 12914300.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2D1.5 12923200.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4F2.5 12925400.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4S1.5 12954200.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P1.5 12967600.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2F2.5 12984600.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2P1.5 13020800.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2F2.5 13029300.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4F3.5 13030800.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4D0.5 13030900.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P0.5 13035300.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4D3.5 13074600.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4D1.5 13081800.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4P2.5 13082700.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4F4.5 13091400.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2D2.5 13118900.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2D1.5 13129800.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2F3.5 13134900.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2S0.5 13137700.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4D2.5 13139000.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2D2.5 13154300.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4P1.5 13155300.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P0.5 13163900.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4P0.5 13169300.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2G3.5 13186400.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2P0.5 13188200.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D2.5 13211700.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D1.5 13215900.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P1.5 13283600.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2F3.5 13296300.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2G4.5 13317900.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D1.5 13342300.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D2.5 13347400.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2P0.5 13360100.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P0.5 13368000.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2F3.5 13379000.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P1.5 13408900.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2S0.5 13419700.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2P1.5 13435900.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2F2.5 13440200.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D2.5 13600900.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D1.5 13608700.0 cm-1
2s2 4s1 2S0.5 15255100.0 cm-1
2s2 4p1 2P0.5 15344400.0 cm-1
2s2 4p1 2P1.5 15369100.0 cm-1
2s2 4d1 2D1.5 15442600.0 cm-1
2s2 4d1 2D2.5 15450600.0 cm-1
2s2 4f1 2F2.5 15494000.0 cm-1
2s2 4f1 2F3.5 15497900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 4P0.5 15671100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 4P1.5 15717800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 2P0.5 15740700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4D0.5 15750500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4D1.5 15783600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4S1.5 15799800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4P0.5 15822200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4D2.5 15831500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2P0.5 15834000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2D1.5 15844400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4F1.5 15845400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4F2.5 15861500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 4P2.5 15880600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4P2.5 15896500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4G2.5 15901600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4D1.5 15905400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4D3.5 15906100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4F3.5 15907700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 2P1.5 15909000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4D0.5 15909300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2D1.5 15926100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2F2.5 15933300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4F1.5 15949100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4G3.5 15950700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4D2.5 15952100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4G4.5 15953500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2D2.5 15958700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2G3.5 15960900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4P1.5 15976800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4P2.5 15981600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4D3.5 15987800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2P1.5 15998400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2D2.5 16016700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2S0.5 16028700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4F4.5 16060400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4D3.5 16067400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4D2.5 16069600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4P1.5 16073200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4P0.5 16074500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2D2.5 16086700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2P1.5 16098700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2F3.5 16109600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4F3.5 16115800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4F4.5 16117300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2P0.5 16117400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4F2.5 16118200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2F3.5 16122600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4D1.5 16122900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4G5.5 16123200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4D0.5 16126500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2G4.5 16127600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2F2.5 16128300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2D1.5 16135600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 2P0.5 16209900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 2P1.5 16212600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2D1.5 16297900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2P0.5 16298800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2D2.5 16316300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2P1.5 16324100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2S0.5 16332900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2D1.5 16392600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2F2.5 16394300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2F3.5 16396100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2D2.5 16402700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2P0.5 16408200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2P1.5 16416300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2F2.5 16432300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2F3.5 16436200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2G3.5 16444200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2G4.5 16447700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2D1.5 16451200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2D2.5 16454700.0 cm-1

        Result of ICFT R-matrix calculation

 Calculation automated by offline ADAS code ADAS8#3

     Summary Information

 *  Ionisation energy taken from ADAS adf00 files

 *  Energy levels calculated by AUTOSTRUCTURE

 *  Radiative rates calculated by AUTOSTRUCTURE

 *  Effective collision strengths calculated by ICFT
    R-matrix calculation using target structure from

     Calculation details

 The following scaling parameters on bound orbitals were used:

         1S = 1.37758
         2S = 1.25242
         2P = 1.17586
         3S = 1.57685
         3P = 1.37597
         3D = 1.48843
         4S = 1.50560
         4P = 1.38722
         4D = 1.53845
         4F = 1.59748

 An exchange calculation was performed up to J=12
 A non-exchange calculation was then performed up to J=40
 Followed by a top-up calculation to J -> infinity.

 40 continuum basis orbitals were used, giving a smallest maximum
 basis-orbital energy of 2173.7610 Rydbergs (29576.192166 eV)

 A fine energy mesh of 0.000001 Z**2 Rydbergs (0.00850375 eV) was used
 between the first and last thresholds for the excitation calculation.

 A coarse energy mesh of 0.001000 Z**2 Rydbergs (8.50375 eV) was used
 from the last threshold up to 0.848096 Z**2 Rydbergs (7212 eV) in the
 excitation calculation.

 A coarse energy mesh of 0.001000 Z**2 Rydbergs (8.50375 eV) was used
 from first threshold up to 0.848096 Z**2 Rydbergs (7212 eV) in the
 non-exchange calculation.

 Dipole and Born limits were used from the last calculated energy points
 up to infinite energy to complete the effective collision strengths

      G Y Liang, N R Badnell and G Zhao
      A&A 547, A87 (2012)
      DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/201220277

 Produced by: Guiyun Liang
 Date:        03/07/12

 Those data points with same collision strength in OMEGAU at higher energies
 are deleted. The adf04 file is generated based upon this correction.

 Date:  Wed May 29 15:55:57 2013


  • Guiyun Liang
  • Nigel Badnell
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