Resolved Specific Ion Data Collections

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4.308 eV → 4308 eV


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  • Spontaneous Emission: Fe+9(i) → Fe+9(j) + hv
  • Electron Impact Excitation: Fe+9(i) + e → Fe+9(j) + e
3s2 3p5 2p3/2 2P1.5 0.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 2p1/2 2P0.5 14770.0 cm-1
3s 3p6 2s1/2 2S0.5 288718.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(3p) 3d 4d5/2 4D2.5 392969.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(3p) 3d 4d7/2 4D3.5 393079.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(3p) 3d 4d3/2 4D1.5 394066.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(3p) 3d 4d1/2 4D0.5 395383.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(3p) 3d 4f9/2 4F4.5 423915.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(1d) 3d 2p1/2 2P0.5 425232.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(3p) 3d 4f7/2 4F3.5 428633.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(3p) 3d 4f5/2 4F2.5 432145.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(3p) 3d 4f3/2 4F1.5 433133.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(1d) 3d 2p3/2 2P1.5 433681.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(3p) 3d 4p1/2 4P0.5 440485.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(1d) 3d 2d3/2 2D1.5 440595.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(3p) 3d 4p3/2 4P1.5 445204.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(1d) 3d 2d5/2 2D2.5 447618.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(3p) 3d 2f7/2 2F3.5 447838.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(1d) 3d 4p5/2 4P2.5 449593.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(1d) 3d 2g9/2 2G4.5 457824.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(1d) 3d 2g7/2 2G3.5 457933.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(3p) 3d 2f5/2 2F2.5 460348.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(1d) 3d 2f5/2 2F2.5 489428.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(1d) 3d 2f7/2 2F3.5 493269.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(1s) 3d 2d3/2 2D1.5 519606.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(1s) 3d 2d5/2 2D2.5 523886.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(1d) 3d 2s1/2 2S0.5 555161.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(3p) 3d 2p3/2 2P1.5 576669.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(3p) 3d 2p1/2 2P0.5 582376.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(3p) 3d 2d5/2 2D2.5 587204.0 cm-1
3s2 3p4(3p) 3d 2d3/2 2D1.5 599824.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(3p) 3d 4p1/2 4P0.5 710847.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(3p) 3d 4p3/2 4P1.5 713657.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(3p) 3d 4p5/2 4P2.5 718610.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(3p) 3d 4f9/2 4F4.5 730680.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(3p) 3d 4f7/2 4F3.5 733671.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(3p) 3d 4f5/2 4F2.5 736676.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(3p) 3d 4f3/2 4F1.5 739289.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(3p) 3d 4d7/2 4D3.5 767016.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(3p) 3d 4d5/2 4D2.5 768706.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(3p) 3d 4d1/2 4D0.5 768803.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(3p) 3d 4d3/2 4D1.5 769040.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(3p) 3d 2f7/2 2F3.5 793218.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(3p) 3d 2d5/2 2D2.5 796186.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(3p) 3d 2d3/2 2D1.5 799385.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(3p) 3d 2f5/2 2F2.5 801941.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(1p) 3d 2p1/2 2P0.5 827105.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(1p) 3d 2p3/2 2P1.5 834924.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(1p) 3d 2f5/2 2F2.5 870966.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(1p) 3d 2f7/2 2F3.5 872220.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(1p) 3d 2d3/2 2D1.5 899365.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(1p) 3d 2d5/2 2D2.5 900183.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(3p) 3d 2p3/2 2P1.5 974116.0 cm-1
3s 3p5(3p) 3d 2p1/2 2P0.5 975260.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4s 4p5/2 4P2.5 1033720.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4s 4p3/2 4P1.5 1041400.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4s 4p1/2 4P0.5 1045790.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4s 2p3/2 2P1.5 1053480.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4s 2p1/2 2P0.5 1062250.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).4s 2d5/2 2D2.5 1077620.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).4s 2d3/2 2D1.5 1077620.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1s).4s 2s1/2 2S0.5 1125900.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4p 4p5/2 4P2.5 1135780.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4p 4p3/2 4P1.5 1136880.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4p 4p1/2 4P0.5 1141260.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4p 4d7/2 4D3.5 1146750.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4p 4d5/2 4D2.5 1147850.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4p 2p1/2 2P0.5 1153340.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4p 4d3/2 4D1.5 1153340.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4p 4d1/2 4D0.5 1155530.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4p 2p3/2 2P1.5 1157730.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4p 2d5/2 2D2.5 1158820.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4p 2d3/2 2D1.5 1165410.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4p 4s3/2 4S1.5 1168700.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4p 2s1/2 2S0.5 1168700.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).4p 2f5/2 2F2.5 1180770.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).4p 2f7/2 2F3.5 1184060.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).4p 2d3/2 2D1.5 1195040.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).4p 2d5/2 2D2.5 1196130.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).4p 2p3/2 2P1.5 1216980.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).4p 2p1/2 2P0.5 1221370.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1s).4p 2p3/2 2P1.5 1240030.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1s).4p 2p1/2 2P0.5 1241130.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4d 4d7/2 4D3.5 1286120.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4d 4d5/2 4D2.5 1286120.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4d 4d3/2 4D1.5 1287220.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4d 4d1/2 4D0.5 1289410.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4d 4f9/2 4F4.5 1298190.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4d 2d5/2 2D2.5 1299290.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4d 2d3/2 2D1.5 1300380.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4d 2f7/2 2F3.5 1300380.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4d 4p1/2 4P0.5 1301480.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4d 2p1/2 2P0.5 1305870.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4d 4p3/2 4P1.5 1306970.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4d 4f5/2 4F2.5 1308060.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4d 4f7/2 4F3.5 1309160.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4d 4f3/2 4F1.5 1310260.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4d 4p5/2 4P2.5 1311360.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4d 2f5/2 2F2.5 1314650.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).4d 2p3/2 2P1.5 1315750.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).4d 2s1/2 2S0.5 1321230.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).4d 2p3/2 2P1.5 1328920.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).4d 2g7/2 2G3.5 1332210.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).4d 2p1/2 2P0.5 1333300.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).4d 2g9/2 2G4.5 1333300.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).4d 2d5/2 2D2.5 1335500.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).4d 2d3/2 2D1.5 1338790.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).4d 2f5/2 2F2.5 1344280.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).4d 2f7/2 2F3.5 1345380.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).4s 4p5/2 4P2.5 1361840.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).4s 4p3/2 4P1.5 1369520.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).4s 4p1/2 4P0.5 1375000.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1s).4d 2d3/2 2D1.5 1387080.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1s).4d 2d5/2 2D2.5 1388170.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).4s 2p3/2 2P1.5 1391470.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).4s 2p1/2 2P0.5 1399150.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).4p 4s3/2 4S1.5 1452920.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).4p 4d5/2 4D2.5 1471570.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).4p 4d7/2 4D3.5 1472670.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).4p 4d3/2 4D1.5 1475960.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).4p 4d1/2 4D0.5 1479250.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).4p 4p5/2 4P2.5 1479250.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).4p 4p3/2 4P1.5 1484740.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).4p 4p1/2 4P0.5 1484740.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).4p 2d5/2 2D2.5 1485840.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).4p 2p3/2 2P1.5 1488030.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(1p).4s 2p3/2 2P1.5 1491330.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(1p).4s 2p1/2 2P0.5 1492420.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).4p 2p1/2 2P0.5 1492420.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).4p 2d3/2 2D1.5 1494620.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).5s 4p5/2 4P2.5 1504490.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).5s 2p3/2 2P1.5 1506690.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).4p 2s1/2 2S0.5 1509980.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).5s 4p3/2 4P1.5 1515470.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).5s 4p1/2 4P0.5 1515470.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).5s 2p1/2 2P0.5 1518760.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).5s 2d5/2 2D2.5 1540710.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).5s 2d3/2 2D1.5 1540710.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).5p 4p5/2 4P2.5 1544000.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).5p 4p3/2 4P1.5 1545100.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).5p 4d7/2 4D3.5 1548390.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).5p 2d5/2 2D2.5 1549490.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).5p 4p1/2 4P0.5 1549490.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).5p 2d3/2 2D1.5 1554970.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).5p 2s1/2 2S0.5 1558270.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).5p 4d1/2 4D0.5 1559360.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).5p 4d5/2 4D2.5 1559360.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).5p 4d3/2 4D1.5 1560460.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).5p 4s3/2 4S1.5 1562650.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).5p 2p3/2 2P1.5 1564850.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(3p).5p 2p1/2 2P0.5 1565950.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).5p 2f5/2 2F2.5 1584600.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).5p 2f7/2 2F3.5 1586800.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1s).5s 2s1/2 2S0.5 1586800.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).5p 2p3/2 2P1.5 1590090.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).5p 2d3/2 2D1.5 1591190.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).5p 2d5/2 2D2.5 1591190.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(1p).4p 2d3/2 2D1.5 1594480.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1d).5p 2p1/2 2P0.5 1594480.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(1p).4p 2d5/2 2D2.5 1597770.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(1p).4p 2p1/2 2P0.5 1604350.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(1p).4p 2p3/2 2P1.5 1606550.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(1p).4p 2s1/2 2S0.5 1610940.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1s).5p 2p1/2 2P0.5 1636180.0 cm-1
3s2.3p4(1s).5p 2p3/2 2P1.5 1637280.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).5s 4p5/2 4P2.5 1830410.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).5s 4p3/2 4P1.5 1835900.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).5s 4p1/2 4P0.5 1842480.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).5s 2p3/2 2P1.5 1842480.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(3p).5s 2p1/2 2P0.5 1850170.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(1p).5s 2p3/2 2P1.5 1954420.0 cm-1
3s.3p5(1p).5s 2p1/2 2P0.5 1954420.0 cm-1

  Data generated from CHIANTI version 6.0

  CHIANTI references

  Energy levels :
   %Observed and Theoretical energies (levels 1-54): Del Zanna, Berrington, Mason, 2004, A&A, 422, 731
   %Observed energy levels (55-172): NIST Database for Atomic Spectroscopy, Version 1.0, NIST Standard
      Reference Database 61, 1995
   %theoretical energy levels (55-172): Malinovsky et al., 1980, ApJ, 235, 665
   %comment: The second column has the theoretical energies of the  scattering calculations,
      while the third column has the theoretical energies from the SUPERSTRUCTURE calculation
      (with term energy corrections).
   %produced as part of the Arcetri/Cambridge/NRL 'CHIANTI' atomic data base collaboration
   %   Giulio Del Zanna and Peter Young - July 20, 2005

  A-values levels :
   %filename: fe_10.wgfa
   %Observed and Theoretical energies (levels 1-54): Del Zanna, Berrington, Mason, 2004, A&A, 422, 731
   %Observed energy levels (55-172): NIST Database for Atomic Spectroscopy, Version 1.0, NIST Standard
      Reference Database 61, 1995
   %theoretical energy levels (55-172): Malinovsky et al., 1980, ApJ, 235, 665
   %A values and oscillator strengths (levels 1-54): Del Zanna, Berrington, Mason, 2004, A&A, 422, 731
   %comment: Theoretical wavelengths for levels 1-54 are obtained from the SUPERSTRUCTURE calculation
      (with term energy corrections) in the .elvlc file, from Del Zanna, Berrington, Mason, 2004, A&A, 422, 731
   %A values (levels 55-172): A SSTRUCT run performed by P.R.Young.
   %comment: the A values for transitions between levels 55-172 have been calculated using a
       configuration model of Fe X in SSTRUCT. The configurations included were:

       3s2 3p5,  3s 3p6,  3s2 3p4 3d,  3s 3p5 3d,  3p6 3d
       3s2 3p3 3d2,  3s 3p4 3d2
       3s2 3p4 4s,  3s2 3p4 4p,  3s2 3p4 4d
       3s2 3p4 4f,  3s2 3p4 5s,  3s2 3p4 5p
       3s 3p5 4s,   3s 3p5 4p,   3s 3p5 5s

   %produced as part of the Arcetri/Cambridge/NRL 'CHIANTI' atomic data base collaboration
   %   Giulio Del Zanna and Peter Young - July 20, 2005

  Collision strengths :

   %filename: fe_10.splups
   %Oscillator strengths (levels 1-54): Del Zanna,  Berrington, Mason, 2004, A&A, 422, 731 (scattering calculation)
   %Collision data for transitions to the first three levels: Pelan, Berrington, A&A 2001, 365, 258
   %Collision data for transitions to levels up to 54: Del Zanna,  Berrington, Mason, 2004, A&A, 422, 731
   %collision strengths for transitions to levels 55-172: Malinovsky et al., ApJ 235, 665, 1980
   %comment: Maxwellian-averaged collision strengths have been calculated in the temperature range 2.5 10^5 - 10^7 K
   %comment:      Although for many of the transitions involving levels >62 there
        were gf values available, they have been fitted as Type 2
        transitions. This is because, as Type 1 transitions they were often
        difficult to fit (the 1-89 transition is a typical example).

        Some of the 4s transitions (levels 55-62) showed unusual shapes
        in the omega structure (e.g., 2-56, 1-58). I'm not sure how
        trustworthy this data is.
   %produced as part of the Arcetri/Cambridge/NRL 'CHIANTI' atomic data base collaboration
   %   Giulio Del Zanna and Peter Young - July 20, 2005

  Added to ADAS by

  Author : Martin O'Mullane
  Date   : 28/10/10


 Filtered adf04 file to 
  - sort energy levels 
  - remove non physical A values from
    energy level reversals
  - remove energies above ionisation potential
  - remove duplicate transitions

 Code     : ADAS utility program, filter04
 Date     : 28-10-2010
 Producer : Martin O'Mullane              


 Regenerated to use the standard ADAS temperature set.

 Add the transitions in the CHIANTI source which have a transition
 probability but no accompanying effective collision strength and
 set these upsilons to zero.

 Update : Martin O'Mullane
 Date   : 28-10-2010


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