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5.584 eV → 5584 eV


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  • Spontaneous Emission: Ar+17(i) → Ar+17(j) + hv
  • Electron Impact Excitation: Ar+17(i) + e → Ar+17(j) + e
1s(2s) 2S0.5 0.0 cm-1
2p(2p) 2P0.5 26762900.0 cm-1
2s(2s) 2S0.5 26764200.0 cm-1
2p(2p) 2P1.5 26801700.0 cm-1
3p(2p) 2P0.5 31732200.0 cm-1
3s(2s) 2S0.5 31732600.0 cm-1
3d(2d) 2D1.5 31743700.0 cm-1
3p(2p) 2P1.5 31743700.0 cm-1
3d(2d) 2D2.5 31747500.0 cm-1
4p(2p) 2P0.5 33469900.0 cm-1
4s(2s) 2S0.5 33470100.0 cm-1
4d(2d) 2D1.5 33474800.0 cm-1
4p(2p) 2P1.5 33474800.0 cm-1
4f(2f) 2F2.5 33476300.0 cm-1
4d(2d) 2D2.5 33476300.0 cm-1
4f(2f) 2F3.5 33477100.0 cm-1
5p(2p) 2P0.5 34273500.0 cm-1
5s(2s) 2S0.5 34273600.0 cm-1
5d(2d) 2D1.5 34276000.0 cm-1
5p(2p) 2P1.5 34276000.0 cm-1
5f(2f) 2F2.5 34276800.0 cm-1
5d(2d) 2D2.5 34276800.0 cm-1
5g(2g) 2G3.5 34277200.0 cm-1
5f(2f) 2F3.5 34277200.0 cm-1
5g(2g) 2G4.5 34277500.0 cm-1

  The above Maxwellian averaged rate coefficients are from a 25 level Breit-Pauli
  R-matrix calculation containing 300 transitions. The calculation included
  radiation damping

  The configurations included in the scattering calculations were:

  The box size was 5.824 au, with 60 (N+1)-electron continuum basis oribitals per
  angular momentum with a maximum Hamiltonian dimension of 6600.

  The exchange calculation ran from JMIN=0 to JMAX=11 and the non-exchange calculation
  ran from JMIN=12 to JMAX=59

  The outer region calculation was split into two energy regions. Region 1
  ran from the first excitation threshold up to the ionization threshold
  and region 2 from the ionization threshold to four times the threshold.
  In region 1, the exchange calculation used 40,000 energy points and the non-exchange
  calculation used 400 energy points. In region 2, 200 energy points were used for
  both the exchange and non-exchange calculations.

  Theoretical energies were shifted to experimental NIST energies at stage 3.

  See J A Ludlow et al, J. Phys. B43 (2010), 074029

  DOI: 10.1088/0953-4075/43/7/074029

  NAME : John Ludlow
  DATE : 6th August 2010

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