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9.651 eV → 1.939 x 104 eV


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  • Spontaneous Emission: Fe+15(i) → Fe+15(j) + hv
  • Electron Impact Excitation: Fe+15(i) + e → Fe+15(j) + e
3s 2S0.5 0.0 cm-1
3p 2P0.5 277192.0 cm-1
3p 2P1.5 298143.0 cm-1
3d 2D1.5 675481.0 cm-1
3d 2D2.5 678394.0 cm-1
4s 2S0.5 1867540.0 cm-1
4p 2P0.5 1978040.0 cm-1
4p 2P1.5 1986100.0 cm-1
4d 2D1.5 2124190.0 cm-1
4d 2D2.5 2125360.0 cm-1
4f 2F2.5 2184620.0 cm-1
4f 2F3.5 2185150.0 cm-1
5s 2S0.5 2662000.0 cm-1
5p 2P0.5 2717170.0 cm-1
5p 2P1.5 2721160.0 cm-1
5d 2D1.5 2788050.0 cm-1
5d 2D2.5 2788610.0 cm-1
5f 2F2.5 2818600.0 cm-1
5f 2F3.5 2818900.0 cm-1
5g 2G3.5 2822100.0 cm-1
5g 2G4.5 2822100.0 cm-1

 Date :Tue Oct 22, 1997
 File generated by Alessandro Lanzafame using C2ADAS
 (conversion from CHIANTI 1.01 database) 

 References (from CHIANTI 1.01 data files):

 Energy levels:  
     Theoretical energy levels:  Sampson, D. H., Zhang, H. L.,
     Fontes, C. J., 1990, ADNDT, 44, 209.
    energy levels:  Martin, W. C., Sugar, J., Musgrove, A., and Dalton, G. R., 1995, 
      NIST Database for Atomic Spectroscopy, Version 1.0, NIST Standard Reference Database 61.

 Oscillator strengths: 
    oscillator strengths:  Sampson, D. H., Zhang, H. L., and
    Fontes, C. J., 1990, ADANDT, 44, 209.
    oscillator strengths: hydrogenic values for 4f-5g
    oscillator strengths:  Wiese, W. L., Smith, M. W., and Glennon, B. M.
    Atomic Transition Probabilities, Vol I, Hydrogen through Neon,

 Collision strengths:
    collision strengths:  Sampson, D. H., Zhang, H. L., and Fontes, C. J.,
    1990, ADANDT, 44, 209.

    This ADF04 file contains data for (Na-like) Fe15+ but was incorrectly
    labelled internall and named like it contained (Mg-like) Fe14+.

    The designation inside the file was changed and the filename
    (and location within ADAS) was similarly modified. The old
    filename was mglike_al97#fe14.dat

    Allan Whiteford, 28/07/08



  • Alessandro Lanzafame
  • Hong Zhang
  • Douglas Sampson
  • Allan Whiteford
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