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OPEN-ADAS is a system to search and disseminate key data from the Atomic Data and Analysis Structure (ADAS).

ADAS is a computer program managed by the University of Strathclyde and made up of a consortium of over twenty members.

The OPEN-ADAS system enables non-members, with an interest in fusion and astrophysics, to download and use ADAS data.

More about OPEN-ADAS

Upgraded nitrogen GCR data

The thermal charge exchange process has been added to nitrogen year 96 adf11 and adf15 files.

The OPEN-ADAS data classes

The data contained within ADAS is strictly organised and precisely formatted. There are over fifty distinct types of data file. The scope of OPEN-ADAS is targetted on and limited to the release and organisation of general user relevant data from the ADAS databases and the provision of code, subroutines and procedures to enable such users of OPEN-ADAS to read the released data. These data classes are given below.

Fundamental Classes


Charge exchange cross sections

nl-resolved charge exchange cross-sections over a range of n-shells for a donor neutral atom and ionised impurity receiver


Resolved specific ion data collections

Coefficient data for a given ion which includes spontaneous emission coefficients and electron impact collisional rates and other optional processes.


Electron impact ionisation coefficients

Collections of Maxwell averaged electron impact ionisation rate coefficients for both direct ionisation and excitation/autoionisation.


Radiative recombination coefficients

Maxwell-averaged radiative recombination coefficients i.e. spontaneous free-bound transitions of Maxwellian electrons excluding dielectronic recombination.


Resolved dielectronic recombination coefficients

Collections of state-selective dielectronic recombination coefficients of Maxwellian free electrons resolved by initial and final metastable and captured n-shell.


Photoexcitation-autoionisation rate coefficients

Fundamental data for inner shell excitation followed by autoionisation


Photoionisation cross-sections

Fundamental data for direct (including and especially inner shell) photoionisation.


Radiative recombination rate coefficients

Partial final-state resolved radiative recombination rate coefficients from both ground and metastable levels.

Derived Classes


Iso-nuclear master files

Effective (collisional–radiative) coefficients which are required to establish the ionisation state of a dynamic or steady-state plasma.


Charge exchange effective emission coefficients

Collections of effective emission coefficients for spectrum lines emitted by ions of elements following charge transfer from neutral beam donor atoms.


Ionisation per photon coefficients

Data collections useful in analysis of a spectrum line from an ionisation stage of an element, which is inflowing into a plasma from a surface.


Photon emissivity coefficients

Fully density dependent and metastable resolved effective emissivity coefficients from a collisional–radiative model.


Effective beam stopping/excitation coefficients

They are effective ionisation coefficients, including charge transfer losses, which leave the beam atoms ionised.


Effective beam emission/population coefficients

Coefficients for the emission from a beam when it enters an ionised plasma including impurities. Results are fully density dependent output from a collisional–radiative model.