The entire ADAS Manual, including appendices stretches to around 5,000 pages. It is available in its entirety on the ADAS website here. Collected below, for convenience, are pieces of documentation which are relevant to users of OPEN-ADAS.

Documentation on data formats

Below are links to PDF documents explaining each of the data formats contained in OPEN-ADAS.

  • ADF01 - charge exchange cross sections
  • ADF04 - resolved specific ion data collections
  • ADF07 - electron impact ionisation coefficients
  • ADF08 - radiative recombination coefficients
  • ADF09 - resolved dielectronic recombination coefficients
  • ADF11 - iso-nuclear master files
  • ADF12 - charge exchange effective emission coefficients
  • ADF13 - ionisation per photon coefficients
  • ADF15 - photon emissivity coefficients
  • ADF21 - effective beam stopping/excitation coefficients
  • ADF22 - effective beam emission/population coefficients
  • ADF38 - photoexcitation-autoionisation rate coefficients
  • ADF39 - photoionisation cross-sections
  • ADF48 - radiative recombination rate coefficients

Documentation on reading routines

Below are links to PDF documents describing each of the reading routines available as part of OPEN-ADAS.

Data Classes