The extensive high quality fundamental and derived atomic data for fusion generated in association with the ADAS Project and in the ADAS databases are a major resource. It is beneficial for this to be in the public domain, freed from the restriction of ADAS membership, as a guided provision. This provision is the core thrust of OPEN-ADAS.

OPEN-ADAS allows for the download of a selected set of ADAS data and associated reading routines for them. OPEN-ADAS is a joint development between the ADAS Project and the IAEA.

The key data classes included within OPEN-ADAS are:

Data classDescriptionNumber of filesTotal Size
ADF01charge exchange cross sections1292.0 MB
ADF04resolved specific ion data collections556825430.9 MB
ADF07electron impact ionisation coefficients1020.9 MB
ADF08radiative recombination coefficients1140.6 MB
ADF09resolved dielectronic recombination coefficients21851245.3 MB
ADF11iso-nuclear master files48871.7 MB
ADF12charge exchange effective emission coefficients561.4 MB
ADF13ionisation per photon coefficients17142.8 MB
ADF15photon emissivity coefficients593142.4 MB
ADF21effective beam stopping/excitation coefficients2231.8 MB
ADF22effective beam emission/population coefficients4103.4 MB
ADF38photoexcitation-autoionisation rate coefficients66827.3 MB
ADF39photoionisation cross-sections128063.6 MB
ADF48radiative recombination rate coefficients900404.4 MB

ADAS has around fifty distinct data classes. Data excluded from OPEN-ADAS include "driver" files, opacity data, superstage/partitioned data and others. Reasons for exclusion include only being useful with an interactive system, availability elsewhere and the need for expert guidance on the use of certain data. In broad terms, data from OPEN-ADAS may not be re-distributed without permission.

The terms and conditions of using OPEN-ADAS can be found here.

Data Classes