Charge Exchange Cross Sections

Energy Range
1.000 keV/amu → 150 keV/amu


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H+ + He0 → H0 + He+total
H+ + He0 → H0(n=2) + He+n-resolved
H+ + He0 → H0(2s) + He+nl-resolved
H+ + He0 → H0(2p) + He+nl-resolved
H+ + He0 → H0(n=3) + He+n-resolved
H+ + He0 → H0(3s) + He+nl-resolved
H+ + He0 → H0(3p) + He+nl-resolved
H+ + He0 → H0(3d) + He+nl-resolved
H+ + He0 → H0(n=4) + He+n-resolved
H+ + He0 → H0(4s) + He+nl-resolved
H+ + He0 → H0(4p) + He+nl-resolved
H+ + He0 → H0(4d) + He+nl-resolved
H+ + He0 → H0(4f) + He+nl-resolved
       Recommendations of de Heer et al and Fritsch in Nucl. Fusion Suppl. 3 
       Additional experimental data taken at KVI
       3s, 3p, 3d, 4s, 4p, and 4d are basically following the recommendations of de Heer et al
       with only minor changes above 10 keV/amu, below 10 keV/amu the recommendations have been extended 
       down to 1 keV/amu and modified were deemed necessary. 2s and 2p recommendations are changed
       and extended to 1 keV/amu. The cross section shapes as function of energy were adopted to represent
       the structural changes observed in the s and d series (up to n=6), i.e. positions of minima and maxima
       in the cross sections. The 4f cross section was arbitarily chosen at half the cross section of the 4d.
       On basis of the so produced n=2, n=3 and n=4 recommendations the alpha parameters have been determined
       from which total excitation cross sections have been determined.
  Authors:  J. W. Turkstra*, R. Hoekstra*, G. Lubinski*, H.P. Summers
                  * KVI, Groningen, Netherlands

  Date:  23 December 1998.




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  • Hugh Summers
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