Resolved Specific Ion Data Collections

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291 eV → 5.825 x 104 eV


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  • Spontaneous Emission: Ni+25(i) → Ni+25(j) + hv
  • Electron Impact Excitation: Ni+25(i) + e → Ni+25(j) + e
2s   2s(j=0.5) 2S0.5 0.0 cm-1
2p*  2p(j=0.5) 2P0.5 427007.0 cm-1
2p   2p(j=1.5) 2P1.5 604509.0 cm-1
3s   3s(j=0.5) 2S0.5 10873600.0 cm-1
3p*  3p(j=0.5) 2P0.5 10992400.0 cm-1
3p   3p(j=1.5) 2P1.5 11046600.0 cm-1
3d*  3d(j=1.5) 2D1.5 11092800.0 cm-1
3d   3d(j=2.5) 2D2.5 11109400.0 cm-1
4s   4s(j=0.5) 2S0.5 14620300.0 cm-1
4p*  4p(j=0.5) 2P0.5 14669300.0 cm-1
4p   4p(j=1.5) 2P1.5 14692100.0 cm-1
4d*  4d(j=1.5) 2D1.5 14711500.0 cm-1
4d   4d(j=2.5) 2D2.5 14718500.0 cm-1
4f*  4f(j=2.5) 2F2.5 14720200.0 cm-1
4f   4f(j=3.5) 2F3.5 14723600.0 cm-1
5s   5s(j=0.5) 2S0.5 16340100.0 cm-1
5p*  5p(j=0.5) 2P0.5 16364900.0 cm-1
5p   5p(j=1.5) 2P1.5 16376500.0 cm-1
5d*  5d(j=1.5) 2D1.5 16386400.0 cm-1
5d   5d(j=2.5) 2D2.5 16389900.0 cm-1
5f*  5f(j=2.5) 2F2.5 16390900.0 cm-1
5f   5f(j=3.5) 2F3.5 16392600.0 cm-1
5g*  5g(j=3.5) 2G3.5 16393100.0 cm-1
5g   5g(j=4.5) 2G4.5 16394200.0 cm-1
   Description of the above data set.
   All the values,except the ionization potentials and the
   Upsilons for excitation out of levels above three are due
   to Zhang,H.L., Sampson,D.H. and Fontes,C.J. At. Data and
   Nuc Data Tables vol 44, pp31-77 (1990). The data was
   received electronically with more significant figures
   than the pubished tables. These tables are stored on the
   The Upsilons for transitions out of levels above three were
   calculated using HPS' impact parameter program (1991 Feb 21).
   The values of the ionization potential were taken from
   the tables of R.L.Kelly (J of phys and Chem Ref Data vol
   16, suppl 2, 1987).


  • Hong Zhang
  • Douglas Sampson
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