Resolved Specific Ion Data Collections

Temperature Range
3.111 eV → 6.221 x 104 eV


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  • Spontaneous Emission: Xe+18(i) → Xe+18(j) + hv
  • Electron Impact Excitation: Xe+18(i) + e → Xe+18(j) + e
3da 4s2 4p6 0S0.0 0.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 4d1 0S29.5 742384.0 cm-1
3da 4s1 4p6 4d1 0S9.5 1308580.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 4f1 0S41.5 1568120.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 5s1 0S5.5 1847300.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 5p1 0S17.5 2059290.0 cm-1
3da 4s1 4p6 4f1 0S13.5 2136310.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 5d1 0S29.5 2377710.0 cm-1
3da 4s1 4p6 5s1 0S1.5 2423440.0 cm-1
3da 4s1 4p6 5p1 0S5.5 2631360.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 5f1 0S41.5 2697550.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 6s1 0S5.5 2832340.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 5g1 0S53.5 2864870.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 6p1 0S17.5 2940420.0 cm-1
3da 4s1 4p6 5d1 0S9.5 2950210.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 6d1 0S29.5 3104590.0 cm-1
3da 4s1 4p6 5f1 0S13.5 3269970.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 6f1 0S41.5 3270750.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 7s1 0S5.5 3349550.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 6g1 0S53.5 3359910.0 cm-1
3da 4s1 4p6 6s1 0S1.5 3406840.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 7p1 0S17.5 3412150.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 7d1 0S29.5 3508190.0 cm-1
3da 4s1 4p6 6p1 0S5.5 3513500.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 7f1 0S41.5 3606270.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 8s1 0S5.5 3656250.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 7g1 0S53.5 3660030.0 cm-1
3da 4s1 4p6 6d1 0S9.5 3677810.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 8p1 0S17.5 3695750.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 8d1 0S29.5 3756880.0 cm-1
3da 4s2 4p5 8f1 0S41.5 3819820.0 cm-1
3da 4s1 4p6 6f1 0S13.5 3843910.0 cm-1
3da 4s1 4p6 7s1 0S1.5 3923730.0 cm-1
3da 4s1 4p6 7p1 0S5.5 3985620.0 cm-1
3da 4s1 4p6 7d1 0S9.5 4081710.0 cm-1
3da 4s1 4p6 7f1 0S13.5 4179740.0 cm-1
3d9 4s2 4p6 4d1 0S49.0 5446080.0 cm-1
3d9 4s2 4p6 4f1 0S69.5 6287400.0 cm-1
3d9 4s2 4p6 5d1 0S49.0 7130240.0 cm-1
3d9 4s2 4p6 5f1 0S69.5 7451560.0 cm-1
3d9 4s2 4p6 5g1 0S89.5 7633620.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s2 4p6 4d1 0S29.5 7715560.0 cm-1
3d9 4s2 4p6 6d1 0S49.0 7867030.0 cm-1
3d9 4s2 4p6 6f1 0S69.5 8033450.0 cm-1
3d9 4s2 4p6 6g1 0S89.5 8129410.0 cm-1
3d9 4s2 4p6 7d1 0S49.0 8274750.0 cm-1
3d9 4s2 4p6 7f1 0S69.5 8372800.0 cm-1
3d9 4s2 4p6 7g1 0S89.5 8430340.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s2 4p6 4f1 0S41.5 8554400.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s2 4p6 5p1 0S17.5 9079660.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s2 4p6 5d1 0S29.5 9398830.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s2 4p6 5f1 0S41.5 9719310.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s2 4p6 6p1 0S17.5 9971200.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s2 4p6 6d1 0S29.5 10135200.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s2 4p6 6f1 0S41.5 10301200.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s2 4p6 7p1 0S17.5 10447000.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s2 4p6 7d1 0S29.5 10542800.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s2 4p6 7f1 0S41.5 10640600.0 cm-1
 comments from original adf04 file

   Atomic Structure from Cowan Atomic Structure Program


   Code     : ADAS8XX_CREATE_CA_ADF04
   Producer : Stuart Henderson
   Date     : 21/08/17

  Conversion of an adf04 dataset from type 1 to type 3

  Parameter: Cowan ion threshold shift = F

  Producer : Stuart Henderson
  Date     : 21-08-2017



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