Resolved Specific Ion Data Collections

Temperature Range
5.825 eV → 1.163 x 105 eV


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  • Spontaneous Emission: Xe+25(i) → Xe+25(j) + hv
  • Electron Impact Excitation: Xe+25(i) + e → Xe+25(j) + e
3da 4s1 0S0.5 0.0 cm-1
3da 4p1 0S2.5 526245.0 cm-1
3da 4d1 0S4.5 1287040.0 cm-1
3da 4f1 0S6.5 2038690.0 cm-1
3da 5s1 0S0.5 2883860.0 cm-1
3da 5p1 0S2.5 3128010.0 cm-1
3da 5d1 0S4.5 3478560.0 cm-1
3da 6s1 0S0.5 4270260.0 cm-1
3da 6p1 0S2.5 4402740.0 cm-1
3da 6d1 0S4.5 4593350.0 cm-1
3d9 4s2 0S4.5 4743730.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 4p1 0S59.5 5237070.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 4d1 0S98.5 6017460.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 4f1 0S139.5 6777120.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s2 0S2.5 6972120.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s1 4p1 0S35.5 7466500.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 5s1 0S19.5 7658120.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 5p1 0S59.5 7907150.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s1 4d1 0S59.5 8242880.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 5d1 0S98.5 8258120.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 5f1 0S139.5 8587690.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 5g1 0S179.5 8730190.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s1 4f1 0S83.5 8999730.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 6s1 0S19.5 9063380.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 6p1 0S59.5 9197450.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 6d1 0S98.5 9387810.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 6f1 0S139.5 9564550.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 6g1 0S179.5 9645500.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 7s1 0S19.5 9846300.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s1 5s1 0S11.5 9882490.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 7p1 0S59.5 9926700.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 7d1 0S98.5 10041500.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s1 5p1 0S35.5 10131900.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 7f1 0S139.5 10147900.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 7g1 0S179.5 10198300.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 8s1 0S19.5 10327800.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 8p1 0S59.5 10379800.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 8d1 0S99.0 10454400.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s1 5d1 0S59.5 10481800.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 8f1 0S139.5 10523600.0 cm-1
3d9 4s1 8g1 0S179.5 10557000.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s1 5f1 0S83.5 10810300.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s1 6s1 0S11.5 11286500.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s1 6p1 0S35.5 11420800.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s1 6d1 0S59.5 11610700.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s1 6f1 0S83.5 11786900.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s1 7s1 0S11.5 12068900.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s1 7p1 0S35.5 12149400.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s1 7d1 0S59.5 12264000.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s1 7f1 0S83.5 12370100.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s1 8s1 0S11.5 12550100.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s1 8p1 0S35.5 12602200.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s1 8d1 0S59.5 12676600.0 cm-1
3s2 3p5 3da 4s1 8f1 0S83.5 12745700.0 cm-1
 comments from original adf04 file

   Atomic Structure from Cowan Atomic Structure Program


   Code     : ADAS8XX_CREATE_CA_ADF04
   Producer : Stuart Henderson
   Date     : 21/08/17

  Conversion of an adf04 dataset from type 1 to type 3

  Parameter: Cowan ion threshold shift = F

  Producer : Stuart Henderson
  Date     : 21-08-2017



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