Resolved Specific Ion Data Collections

Temperature Range
1.293 eV → 17.23 eV


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  • Spontaneous Emission: He+0(i) → He+0(j) + hv
  • Electron Impact Excitation: He+0(i) + e → He+0(j) + e
1s2 1S0.0 0.0 cm-1
1s1 2s1 3S1.0 159857.0 cm-1
1s1 2s1 1S0.0 166277.0 cm-1
1s1 2p1 3P4.0 169087.0 cm-1
1s1 2p1 1P1.0 171135.0 cm-1
1s1 3s1 3S1.0 183237.0 cm-1
1s1 3s1 1S0.0 184865.0 cm-1
1s1 3p1 3P4.0 185565.0 cm-1
1s1 3d1 3D7.0 186101.0 cm-1
1s1 3d1 1D2.0 186105.0 cm-1
1s1 3p1 1P1.0 186210.0 cm-1
1s1 4s1 3S1.0 190298.0 cm-1
1s1 4s1 1S0.0 190941.0 cm-1
1s1 4p1 3P4.0 191217.0 cm-1
1s1 4d1 3D7.0 191444.0 cm-1
1s1 4d1 1D2.0 191447.0 cm-1
1s1 4f1 3F10.0 191452.0 cm-1
1s1 4f1 1F3.0 191453.0 cm-1
1s1 4p1 1P1.0 191493.0 cm-1
     19 term R-matrix with pseudo-states calculation by Connor Ballance

     Energy levels come from Autostructure, dipole A-values from R-matrix
     and the effective collision strengths originate from R-matrix cross
     sections, convoluted with a Maxwellian by adasex.

     Note: This file is included for completeness of the ADAS database,
     the preferred dataset based on this work is helike_pb04he.dat

     Formatting fixed and annotation added by Allan Whiteford, 24/11/04


  • Connor Ballance
  • Allan Whiteford
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