Resolved Specific Ion Data Collections

Temperature Range
8.617 x 10-5 eV → 8.617 eV


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  • Spontaneous Emission: He+0(i) → He+0(j) + hv
  • Electron Impact Excitation: He+0(i) + e → He+0(j) + e
1s2 1S0.0 0.0 cm-1
1s1 2s1 3S1.0 159856.0 cm-1
1s1 2s1 1S0.0 166278.0 cm-1
1s1 2p1 3P4.0 169087.0 cm-1
1s1 2p1 1P1.0 171135.0 cm-1
1s1 3s1 3S1.0 183237.0 cm-1
1s1 3s1 1S0.0 184865.0 cm-1
1s1 3p1 3P4.0 185565.0 cm-1
1s1 3d1 3D7.0 186102.0 cm-1
1s1 3d1 1D2.0 186105.0 cm-1
1s1 3p1 1P1.0 186209.0 cm-1
1s1 4s1 3S1.0 190298.0 cm-1
1s1 4s1 1S0.0 190940.0 cm-1
1s1 4p1 3P4.0 191217.0 cm-1
1s1 4d1 3D7.0 191445.0 cm-1
1s1 4d1 1D2.0 191447.0 cm-1
1s1 4f1 3F10.0 191452.0 cm-1
1s1 4f1 1F3.0 191452.0 cm-1
1s1 4p1 1P1.0 191493.0 cm-1

  This file tabulates the collision strengths on a fairly standard
  grid, however care should be taken when using this ADF04 type 1
  file, and any other type 1 file, because the tabulation may not
  be fine enough to form a well defined convolution with the
  distribution function being used.  More information on this can be
  obtained from the compiler of this data set.

  This data incorporates the neutral helium R-matrix calculation of
  Ballance (2003).  This calculation included detailed representation
  of the resonance region.  Interval averaging techniques were used
  to convert the OMEGA file produced by the R-matrix calculation to
  a manageable size (Paton, 2003).

  The main differences between this data and previous ADAS preferred
  data lies at low energy.

  This data comprises components from the following workbooks
         (1) he0_excitation_1s(1S)-nl().xls
         (2) he0_excitation_2s(3S)-nl().xls
         (3) he0_excitation_2s(1S)-nl().xls
         (4) he0_excitation_2p(1P)-nl().xls
         (5) he0_excitation_2p(3P)-nl().xls
         (6) he0_excitation_3s(1S)-nl().xls
         (7) he0_excitation_3s(3S)-nl().xls
         (8) he0_excitation_3p(1P)-nl().xls
         (9) he0_excitation_3p(3P)-nl().xls
        (10) he0_excitation_3d(1D)-nl().xls
        (11) he0_excitation_3d(3D)-nl().xls
        (12) he0_excitation_4s(1S)-nl().xls
        (13) he0_excitation_4s(3S)-nl().xls
        (14) he0_excitation_4p(3P)-nl().xls
        (15) he0_excitation_4d(1D)-nl().xls
        (16) he0_excitation_4d(3D)-nl().xls
        (17) he0_excitation_4f(1F)-nl().xls
        (18) he0_excitation_4f(3F)-nl().xls

        (19) he0_ionisation.xls

  The workbooks contain historic comparative assessments of helium
  data and ADAS preferred data sets.  The workbooks are available
  to identified data assessors for further study.

  Compiler:  I. D. Paton, University of Strathclyde
  Email: paton@phys.strath.ac.uk

  Date:  15 April 2004




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